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This was an accident

I met Miss Diagnosis at the IV clinic

I am on an anxiolytic and I like it

I like the discretion the doctors trust me with

But I am a booze

And so I sleep

And so my mother sleeps

At work. Im working independently cuz my micromanaging peer senior to me is on a month long vacation (thank hod). I prefer working by myself because ive had bad experiences working eith oghers ar this company. Sorry small keypad big thumbs.

Today is going well. Productibity is in the air. Anf i get to vape a lot. Theyre having difficult finding a manager for my group and they dont want to promote me lol. Whatever. Im happy as long as im bysy.

See yoh around.

Well it took me less than five minutes to drive to my therapists office. Im early so im vaping in the parking lot. My home is a hotrible place. Theres a mini ravine stream dry creek behind the therapy office which is very nice and unlike my home. Do i move? I cant do that its too risky. Ill have to use the restroom before the apt. My boss had a dr apt this morning. I dont know what to do about this prople yelling at me all the time.

I just hate how shallow my life feels. I need meaning. I need to explain myself. But I don’t care to. It’s pointless. A) No one listens (but that’s beside the point), and B) It’s just too much trouble. I don’t have a good reason not to explain myself. Are you a professional? I didn’t think so. I’ll go and divulge to my shrink on Wednesday.

Everyone’s home, and we’re having chips with salsa and mom is watching her favorite TV show. My brain is struggling to feel the comfort, but there’s glimpses. Inflatable balloon glimpses. I have work tomorrow and I plan on getting a lot of labwork done. No more crapping around with my pseudo-manager from Nepal.

Good salsa. Viridian. Make-up made fold tattoo. May folds.