And, as usual, Pinterest is horrifying. They must have gone apeshit on their learning algorithms (and likely vice versa, as well).


No Rest for the Wicked Doesn’t Mean What You Think it Means

I’m not really allowed to talk anymore. There’s definitely a lot of nasty characters after me. I’m not sure what to do about it.


Well, I guess the first step would be to…

In all honesty, I’m not sure what the first step would be. Probably to trim my nails. I can’t believe my own family doesn’t even care about me. They don’t show that they care. Typing is hard with long nails.

I’m just sick of the dirt and I’m sick of it being in my mind and on my doorstep. You don’t have to jump out at me like that.

This voice; I don’t know. Is it someone I will meet someday? I hope I never do. They sound like a horribly nasty person.

Most people bully me or suppress me. I’m the species’ punching bag. Mammals in general don’t take to me kindly.

Well. There you have it. That’s what’s on my mind.

I hope I can get some rest eventually.

PS: Thanks for abandoning me.


Civilization was Created by Few, Built by Many and Given to Most

Hey, if you’re listening: I still want to work on that book with you.

Anyone else is welcome. FYI all y’all, we are working on a book together. It’s a REAL book, but it’s on a computer, so we’re not published yet, and it might just be for fun or whatever other motivation you feel like bringing to the table.

PM for writing samples or inside notes.

The Story of an Epidemiologist who finds the Key to his Long-lost Chest in the Cavern Beneath Mt. Whitney

I don’t know what is going on. Without causing undue alarm, I have this vague sense that… well, it’s a mystery.

Somewhere between journalism and journaling, it is hard to report on things in my personal sphere that I don’t know are fact. It’s hard to tell what’s influencing what without reducing it to an engineering system equation.

Irritability, not annoying. Annoying things? Things that cause irritability.

A train of thought which ends in, “… it is a statistical byproduct of existence that mistakes occur.”

diatribe – a long-winded, almost-argumentative spiel


It is a saving grace that the syntax of CSS, the next language I’m getting certified in, is deadeningly simple. After that I think I will focus on Python, to better my career. Better English should just happen along the way, just like exercise. I guess what I’m trying to say is: Being fluent in a computer language would be graciously satisfying.

Note to self: careful about jokes about the brain; just careful.

One thing’s for sure: Barking up the wrong tree does not sound like what it used to.

Era of logic?


But I have to live my life. Ugh, cliche! Nooo! WHAT a sad note to END ON.