I’m still here. A misfit. A quiet obedient misfit. i wish I could call myself a writer but stamina issues. Can’t do it for long enough, as with reading, work, and most everything. I can vape nonstop. That’s easy. But I won’t get paid for that unless I’m a star, and who wants stardom. I’ll read Kurt Vonnegut on vacation in Hawaii. You still don’t know who I am. Goodbye (for now).

Time to go be harassed by strangers at the gym.

Am I the lust in the sandwich. The cross-ant legacy of another dilly-dallier. They wait, and they go on. I know I must. It is scent, scene, cross-hatching. The neighbors do their laundry. I am still. I am always still. Frozen in panic. That’s me. Normal me. Good ol’ normal me: Frozen in panic.

My rumination a thoughtless gesture

To stymy and sting and sing the songs oft lesson-made oft left behind weighed in

The slang for correction

I guess

And so does my mother

We are well

To swill is from lightness

I guess and  no one cares

To doubt

That is the faucet

There’s no error in it



Me impulsively jotting things down. I need to cut my fingernails.

I have nothing to do. This nest is rigged. Rigged the the stuffing fulls. It’s an explosive to go off in about an hour. Not to panic anyone. there’s no explosive. It’s a lie. then there’s the dandelions. I nest in the dandelions and I am stained in my room with red paint. The T-shirt is red, there’s decision in it. I lament your lost soul. Then there’s the tenderness. Point-to-point it’s exact, it’s good. Good. Is good.

Well, I’m here, and I have nothing to say, as usual. Nothing is happening and there’s no nothing yeah nothing.

So it goes.
What do I do?

I don’t know you. How long have you been here? What’s it like?

I’m perverse, and the nutritional supplements are expired. There’s tenderness in a net somewhere, weighing in at the kilos and they will chop their brains up and sell it for soup in China. Where the government suppresses people and teachers are abusive.


No discussion needed.
This is a remark. And this is a raemarque. See the difference?

Get flusty. Get busty. It’s the snap cat hatter on the loo. It’s the distance between you and I. Altogether flimsy but some sort of bust on it, too, and busted but not in good rhythm and chance. A flattering damsel, no doubt, but I have no hither so there’s time left to still. This ringing is absurd. There’s neckties and I wonder wander no shift. No grist to the meal. The mealy substance in my belly. All that chalk. Chalked up… to…?


Who exactly?


It’s the rhythm. There’s decay. I stymy. There’s pressure in between. Noise. And fault. I’ll go for now.


Okay I’m learning to use my tools and I think now is the time for a blog entry.

I’m going to learn DOE in my free time at home and at work. Then I’m going to use it to do something at work that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time and I will be lauded and rewarded and possibly promoted at work for it.

It’s funny because the first two videos in the method introduction toolkit I got access to through the company that designs the software, is from the 50s or 60s (its in black n white). But they say the concepts are still valid to this day. i like the style throwback.

Nothing is needed. Nothing is necessary. Let’s see if I can spell that right after all these years. And yes in fact I  can. Let’s write the script for a television show. Another let’s. Let’s gamble. Propaganda.. Spelled with the oculars. Incipit. Careful. Studious. Misled. Designed. Propaganda.

It’s all spell-backwards and I’m insidious. Nation notion propaganda.

It’s all incipient and I’m propaganda. Then there’s notion. The notion is notational but it’s not propaganda. Then there’s propaganda. It’s studious. But let go of it and it falls. It’s supposed to fall. That’s the beauty of it. That’s the beauty of black and white. Film photography. School. Addendums, I’m sorry.

Leave you for now. I’m digressing. From the nation.

part i

I’m here now. The gym was alright. I was harassed the first half and then it went away unnoticably. How do you spell unnoticably. Anyway inserted somewhere abouts here. Somewhere abouts. The woods. Spellbound. Decrepit. Maze. Lost. Catch and found. Abundant. Clear. The woods. Spellbound. Lingering like the rose. Rose in the morning, caught and found. Never abundant, clear. Still, lingering. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to go. This maze. Lost. Abundantly clear. The woods. Never lost. Don’t know where to go. Cringe-worthy. Fantastic. Notes. Boats. And clever words.

Paragraph. The distillery. Wanton.






You have to make your own salad. And eat it.