Don’t move to America. There’s no freedom here. The government tells you what you can and can’t put in your body. Obesity-causing McDonals is a-okay and even encouraged because it stimulates the American economy, but herbal supplements that have been on the planets for years, long before humans got here, which have more of a right to this land than we do, are not allowed.

At home. Symptoms not too bad. They’re going to make kratom illegal, the United States department of regulating what you can put in your body illegal denial of rights department. Because they hate drugs, and they hate people who do drugs. Their blood seethes with loathing at drug users. It’s irrational anger, and there’s no stopping them. They hate anyone who likes to have a good time. According to them, like must be plaid and intolerable.

Don’t move to America. There’s no freedom here.